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Supermodel of the 90’s

I am really feeling this whole 1990’s super model thing, so let’s keep it going shall we with the absolutely stunning Nadja Auermann.

She could be the Ice Queen, the Valkyrie, the feline, the glamor-puss, though I preferred her in her least captured state – natural and smiling. A timeless icon no matter what the look, Nadja is spectacular.

She gives off a unique vibe in every photo, as you can plainly see from the images below (oh, and by the way – the 90’s white background Bazaar covers that featured actual super models looking incredible instead of half talent actresses looking like cover of Lucky? Yeah that was an era to remember fondly).

Though her name didn’t loom as large as some of the other supermodels of the time, the German beauty has a look all her own and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the model with the longest legs (44 inches). Now she models when she feels like it but is mostly and happily a mom.

I also just learned she is in courts fighting accusations of tax evasion in Germany. (I have a knack for getting people on the brain when they are about to be involved in some scandal).

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Posted on May 21, 2011

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