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mysteryMystery and “The Game” and all the havoc it has wrought with its self help business seminars on how to sleep with chicks (by making them feel bad) or as their magic bullet manifesto states “eat tacos”, (not, mind you, actually appreciate and build any sort of meaningful or respectful relationship with women as equals) is the thing I hate most on this list. To the point that I'm almost at a loss for words and don't even know where to begin.

It all seems like a joke. How can this man, a manic depressive Canadian magician in a plush top hat, teach anyone anything? It would be nothing but hilarious if it weren't effecting so many sad, pathetic and genuinely lonely men who pay a lot (sometimes as much as $5,000) to learn how to dominate and “get” women. I think it's worth pointing out that Mystery refers to women as “investments”, among other dehumanizing terms.

Fortunately, I haven't been in the scene for a while and I don't get picked up in bars, but a lot of good friends who I care about frequently have their nights ruined by men employing tactics like “throwing negs”, that's when you're a total dick to a girl to get her attention, “You're pretty enough, but you're ears are too big.” I urge all women to immediately mace the next misguided gentleman who throws you a neg.

I laughed when I read that someone had stolen his welding goggles – known to his followers as “flair” for “peacocking”, something stupid you wear to begin a conversation. Conversations that I assume always begin with the woman asking, “What fucking year do you think it is, 1993?”

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Posted on November 10, 2008

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