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my neighbor totoroFalling in love with a Hayao Miyazaki?film is easy to do, and My Neighbor Totoro is possibly his most lovable and charming. In it, two young sisters move to the country with their dad, while their mother recovers in a hospital. They find their new home is haunted, but not by scary, horror movie ghosts, no, these spirits are funny little dust bunnies who run away at the sound of laughter. The other spirits the girls meet in this lighthearted and touching film are the forest spirits, Totoro and his two little helpers, designed by the late Yoshifumi Kondo are absolutely adorable.

This movie does a great job of recreating what it's like to be an whimsical child making sense of the world with stories and imagination. It's also a very sweet story about the powerful love between sisters and family. This is probably one of the lightest in Miyazaki's canon of incredible films, but it's sometimes really nice to watch something so wholesome and pleasant. This is the film I'd most want to watch with my own kids when I have them.

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Posted on April 21, 2008

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