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mutiny birthday party“Hands up, who wants to die?!” begins this dark, funny, macabre, noisy, and utterly unique compilation from The Birthday Party, who have exploded into our lives of late, as I have been blasting their music nearly every day when I come home for work.

This album, consisting of two EPs originally released in 1983, is just one of their's that has gotten me in such a tizzy, but I chose it because of it's spectacular songs “Mutiny in Heaven“, and “Deep in the Woods” as well as being a great introduction (even though it's from later in their brief career as a band).

Of course you know Nick Cave went on to have a solo career that I have already raved about before, but co-Birthday Partiers Rowland S. Howard and Mick Harvey have gone on to do music as well.

They are usually referred to as one of the most challenging bands to come out of the punk scene in the 80s. If that's true, I can guarantee it's worth it.

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Posted on December 11, 2006

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