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MST3KI can remember the very first time I saw this no-budget classic. My family were staying at a hotel and the “Eegah!” episode was on TV. We were roaring with laughter and kept asking “What is this?” and “I wonder of there are more”.

Well, fortunately there were more, in fact ten(!) seasons worth and there are lots of real gems among them. My dad made it his mission to tape them all and I have him to thank for seeing so many great episodes.

Among my personal favorites off the top of my head are “Space Mutiny” (pictured) and “Mitchell” but there are too many to list here. This show is a brilliant idea done with simplicity and clearly a lot of devotion. It made cable access television seem like a possible source of genuinely good entertainment for a change. Also, I want to state, that while I am of course a fan of Joel, I do not believe the show dropped off in quality with the introduction of Mike – I like Mike! But I will say that the exit of TV's Frank left a void that was never filled no matter how many monkey men and big ladies they threw in.

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Posted on November 27, 2006

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