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Mr. SofteeNow, I have had ice cream from an ice cream truck, although not quite in the Norman Rockwell, kids running down the street beckoned by the magical music (which is a hotly contested item in the noise complaint debate) with dimes in their pockets scenario — but never in my life until today had I had a Mr. Softee.

I opted for the “Red Merlin”, vanilla soft serve dipped in cherry coating and rainbow sprinkles. It was very good and a great lifter of spirits in the work day. As I ate, something about my ice cream seemed different, not bad, but strange – then it dawned on me – the ice cream is NOT cold! How weird is that? But it's perfect, because it doesn't run all over your hands and your tongue doesn't freeze up so you can't taste anything.

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Posted on July 3, 2006

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