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vintage shot glasses mr pinkWhen people lament that the city is changing too much, it's the loss of special little stores like Mr Pink that they're mourning. While the store, stocked full of vintage glass wear and holiday decorations, might be around until next April, the friendly, flamboyant owner Gerald Nixon (whose been known to guest star on the Martha Stewart show with bright pink hair) told me they could close up as soon as the end of July or August.

High rents and people with less money to play with have caused the store, which has graced Chelsea with it's kitchy presence for eight years, to call it quits. Be sure to stop by before it's too late! Everything is half off and there is no place better to find such tawdry gems as “bottoms up” cocktail stirrers, full sets of odd shot glasses, funny salt and pepper shakers, beautiful cocktail shakers, and a wall of those McDonald's Muppet Show, Looney Tunes and Stars Wars glasses we're all nostalgic about.

Make time to browse. Even though the store is tiny, there is a lot to see here. And with the fabulous sale now on, there's lots to buy too.

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Posted on June 22, 2008

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