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Mr. Dynamite It makes complete sense that Mr. Dynamite is favorite of Harvey Pekar's. The protagonist is one of those guys you may meet in a dive bar, say Mars Bar or Holiday and someone in your party thinks it's cool to chat with him, he's Irish – he's an experimental animator – he's telling all sorts of crazy stories that everyone knows aren't true – and slowly it turns from kind of cool to be talking to this crazy older weirdo to outright, “let's get out of here and make sure he doesn't follow us, I'm never going to the Mars Bar again, it's just too creepy”.

While certainly not to everyone's taste, it is after all stream of conscience of the man I just described, Brosnan presents these thoughts with surprising sympathy and compassion (with a huge, healthy dose of sarcasm as well) and you end up enjoying the rants and ravings even as they are disturbing and pathetic. The peripheral characters are the interesting people you see and know on the streets of the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, and the placing in the city is fun for us who live here because instead of the usual nyc landmarks you can say “Wow, I totally know where that discount liquor store is next to the BQE!”

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Posted on June 19, 2006

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