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There is a difference between frustratingly slow service and an enjoyable leisurely pace. Due to the quality of the food, the dim warm interior, and the bottle of wine I consumed half of, Moustache fits comfortably into the latter category. It's certainly perfect for lingering conversations, no one will be kicking you out for staying too long.

It's the food that matters most though, always, and Moustache has been impressive both times I have visited. On a summer afternoon, needing just a small bite after a large lunch, Jim and I strolled in and split a lemony lamb covered pitza (photo of this dish from flickr) that was outstanding in their breezy covered back yard.

Just recently, in a much chillier climate, we were ready to try more of the menu with our friend Astrid. She's a vegetarian and told me they have great hummus. A statement I took with a grain of salt, not that she's in any way untrustworthy, but you know a vegetarian saying good hummus?as an ignorant omnivore, I just assume hummus must taste good to them compared to all the tofu and tempeh. But after sharing an order, I have to agree – it is great and the babganoush is even better – particularly paired with the fresh soft pita.

We also shared an agreeable feta salad, the house named pitza and a hulking falafel sandwich. It was a filling meal that managed to feel light and was healthy, especially compared to most restaurant options.

They also have another (original) location in the West Village but I have heard that it can get a bit more crowded. At either location, though, you can expect a healthy, relaxing meal and a very, very reasonable bill. We each owed only thirty dollars after all that food and drink!

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Posted on March 17, 2008

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