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MortifiedThere is only one upcoming New York performance listed (March 21st), so I have to give you a heads up before I have a chance to actually see it. So if it is terrible you can go ahead and blame me, see if I care. I truly don't expect anything less that a great time however, especially since having read the book version of this cringe-fest (more on that book next week, promise).

The book and live show feature real diary entries, notes, and letters from the most embarrassing and awkward years of the authors' lives. I have no idea who will be reading this week, but if the book is any indication, there will be at least one journal entry dealing with the hotness of Duran Duran's John Taylor.

Mortified is the brain child of David Nadelberg and he and friends have opened several grass roots chapters across the country, so keep an eye out for a performance near you. If you live in the city, pick up a ticket (only $12).

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Posted on March 19, 2007

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