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MortifiedI really couldn't think of any book that I'm ashamed I like. I think the only really shameful thing is not read at all (don't you love it when people ask, “Do magazines count?” in their favorite books section on myspace?).

However, this is a book full of other people's embarrassing moments captured by their own hand during the painful and awkward years of jr. and senior high school. Some of my favorites include the kid who had to send letters to a pen pal, but he didn't have any friends so he wrote to Mr. Belvedere for three years; a young girl trying to figure out sexuality by writing a porn screenplay starring Paula Abdul, Christie Brinkley and, of course, John Taylor wearing then popular Umbros; and the awesome last chapter by a kid that must be a long lost relative of Karl Pilkington.

It made me long to find a lost whopper in a journal of my own but sadly all my best diaries have disappeared in my parent's house. The loss actually makes me feel deep sorrow:(

But on a happier note, the live show I mentioned last week was pretty spectacular and I highly recommend you see it if you can.

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Posted on March 26, 2007

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