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Oh So Pretty in Pink

Honestly who of my generation didn’t grow up relating to Molly Ringwald? She was a teen heroine we could relate to. She was awkward and imperfect but smart and funny. I don’t know if girls today really relate to the shallow porniness of a Paris Hilton or the ragged party hardiness Lindsay Lohan or even the kinder, gentler sluttiness of Miley Cyrus (oh, and I am not talking about the Annie Leibowitz photograph, but rather the tart teen pop star image she walks around as every day that no one seems phased by.)

It’s hard to say if a pale, realistic teen like Ringwald would find a place in today’s environment, and if not – is it executive decisions or have teen girls just changed? Who knows. Perhaps these are bigger questions than my style icon of the week entry deserves.

Let’s just remember the fabulousness of Molly Ringwald, Sam Baker, Claire Standish, Andie Walsh?The girl who made her own prom dress, who gave a nerd her panties, who could put her lipstick on without using her hands, the girl that always got the kind of kiss we as red blooded American teens and pre teens always wished and hoped would be in our future.

“Make a wish” “It already came true”. Sigh.

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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