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moliereMoli?re is a light and fluffy romantic comedy set in late 1600s France that my parents recently recommended. Much like Shakespeare in Love, which it resembles in many ways (though without the international audience), this is a fictitious account of a famous playwright inspired by true love and bittersweet obstacles to become the “the creator of modern French comedy.”

The very handsome Romain Duris plays Moli?re with a mustache and long hair that are hard for me to resist (as you may recall, Justin Theroux sports a similar look as Jesus in The Ten) and the Italian actress Laura Morante is equally attractive as Elmire, the playwright's muse and the wife of a bumbling merchant who is obsessed with Swimming Pool star Ludivine Sagnier. The sets and costumes are predictably lush and vibrant and the plot hinges on amusing twists and turns while the romance is neatly ensconced in farce.

Fans and scholars of Moli?re's work will undoubtedly get a kick out of all the references to the great author's plays that went right over my head, but the film works perfectly fine as a light and airy diversion for those of us less familiar with 17th Century French Lit, and it's absolutely perfect for day-dreamy afternoon romance.

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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