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Modern RomanceIt may not look it by the cover, but one of the best comedies of all time is finally on DVD. Albert Brooks used to be funny, more than funny, hilarious. If you have ever seen his more well known hit Lost in America you know that I speak the truth. Not as many people have had the chance to see Modern Romance, and now that it is widely available I hope you will. It contains the best audible gag involving the Hulk and an amazing lithium scene; both make me laugh big belly laughs every time I see them. I am not one for belly laughs unless they are well deserved.

I have read rumors that Kubrick was a huge fan, but on the other hand some people find this movie excruciating (think the British Office). Clearly those people are wrong. A perfect movie if you have just broken up with someone or if you love neurotic goofballs and uncomfortable comedy.

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Posted on June 5, 2006

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