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mitsuwa market purchasesI usually refrain from repeating myself here, but each trip to Mitsuwa Marketplace offers such new exciting things, that I felt our latest venture was worth noting to anyone headed there.

Having already eaten, we skipped the incredible food court, but you can read about that here. This time we were focused on the market side, and I was most determined to purchase sliced octopus sashimi, but went home with much more.

To pair with my dinner of octopus, I got a few favorites from my last visit: fresh salmon roe and Ponzu sauce for dipping. Cured and slightly spicy and sweet anchovies were an obvious choice and a new taste experience for me.

We also grabbed Shoyu Ramen base pack with noodles and seasoning, a couple options of spicy cod roe sauce mix so I can attempt to replicate my favorite dish at Hiroko's Place at home, a frozen box of pork and vegetable steamed buns, and in what was likely the best purchase of all: Calpis Ice Bars that are worthy of their own entry, so read all about them in the desserts section.

We've yet to try it but we got a little daring with our sake purchase too. Instead of our favorite Wakatake brand we found a blue bottle of Kan-Chiku. Hope it's as good!

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Posted on March 9, 2009

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