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Mint JulepI'm glad we stood together as a nation with the south back in 1858, not only because divided we would fall, but for the sweet sounding accents and importantly the mint juleps.

Nearly a cosmic sensation when prepared well, this sweet, refreshing, and minty bevy is perfect once the weather starts to understand that it is in fact summer and the sun can show its face any day now.

I always imagine myself in white linen on a big porch fanning myself on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I drink this, even when I am, in actuality, at a bar with a model/actor/bartender charging me as much as, I don't know, a whole mint farm would cost down south listening to not the buzz of the cicadas, but the jukebox playing “Back in Black ” if I'm lucky and “What If God Was One Of Us” if I am not.

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Posted on July 3, 2006

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