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miller's guesthouse notting hillIt's easy to envy someone for being able to travel with their jobs. I used to until you realize it is still work. My friend travels quite a lot for work, but it can easily grow exhausting and demanding. Fortunately some unique experiences, like staying at Miller's Guest house in Notting Hill pop up enough to level out the negatives of constant travel.

This is the nicest places she's stayed and from the website, I can believe it's one of the nicest places anyone I know has. The interior is luxurious but not gaudy, the opulent lobby features a complimentary bar for guests and shockingly the price is comparable to other less intriguing hotels in the area.

I'd love to stay in one of their magnificent rooms if I ever make it to London myself. Actually, I'd really just love to just move in permanently.

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Posted on October 6, 2008

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