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Clam BakeRecipe from good friend and amazing cook, Mike Stermer:

I didn't really follow a recipe, just saw what they had at the supermarket as far as seafood went and put some things that I knew would go, and a few I took a shot at. Here's my makeshift recipe. Cut in half (since we used 6 pounds of seafood over at the house)
1 pound clams (in shell)
1 pound mussels (in shell)
1 pound of shrimp (in shell)
1 pound of potatoes
1/2 pound new potatoes
4 ears of corn
6 gloves of garlic
1 can of beer
fresh dill
old bay seasoning
add the potatoes, garlic, some salt and pepper and lots of old bay with 1/2 of the can of beer and a 1/2 of water to a large covered pot on medium heat.

I also put a little garlic wine vinegar in the water and some lemon juice and 2 tables spoons of butter. You can add more lemon juice when you add the rest of the beer. After about 10 minutes add the ears of corn (cut on the cob into about 4-5 pieces each ear) and half the fresh dill. Once corn is yellow and potatoes are soft, add the,washed clams in shell first. Add lots more old bay and the rest of the dill, as well as the rest of the beer.

Once the clams have cooked for a few minutes add the mussels, and then the shrimp. the shrimp only need to turn pink. Once the clams and mussels are opened, the pot is ready for eatin'. Mix up the pot to disperse the clams, mussels, shrimp, corn and potatoes evenly.

If any clams or mussels are not open, place then on the grill and cook until the shell opens on its own. Crawfish are good in it too.

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Posted on July 3, 2006

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