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middletown rhode island purgatory chasmJust a bit outside Newport, RI, you'll find three things that make Middletown an ideal vacation spot and a great, memorable day for us on our recent New England tour.

The first is a place we went to based solely on its eye catching name: “Purgatory Chasm“. This small, dense park has enchanting woods that open up to unreal rock formed ocean views and the amazing natural formation of the chasm was a highlight of our trip.

Nearby, we enjoyed the soft sands of Second Beach, one of the nicest beaches we've been to and one I would return to again.

The day ended with fresh lobster rolls, chowder, and a stuffed quahog at Flo's, Jim's favorite and my second favorite lobster roll we had on the trip (out of about six). A beautiful area to spend a day or more.

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Posted on August 13, 2007

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