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michael yorkAs a young lady, I was quite lovestruck by rich Shakespearean voice, golden swish of hair, and twinkling eyes of Michael York. First introduced to him in that classic of junior high life, Romeo and Juliet. Of course I fell for Olivia Hussey the most and wished and wished I looked like her even just a little bit and gentle Leonard Whiting with his pining and bare butt also made an impression, but there was no escaping the handsomeness of Tybalt even if he was a vengeful murderer.

He was a passionate vengeful murderer, and passion was something extremely hard to come by in seventh grade when most boys I knew could barely raise their voices except to cheer on a boss level in a video game.

Around the same time in my life, I was also reading Interview with a Vampire, an act I am sure most of you can picture, braces on my teeth and a left over love for vampires from Lost Boys in my heart. It was always Micheal York I saw as the romantic Lestat.

While my favorite time in his career was the Shakespearean adaptations, also including his introduction as Lucentio in The Taming of the Shrew, his choices lately have left me less impressed, but I am still smitten. Austin Powers and Gilmore Girls, really, Michael? But, then there is Logan's Run, so all is forgiven.

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Posted on September 1, 2008

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