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Michael Beck I must have seen Xanadu a bazillion times when I was a kid and never once did I develop a crush on star Michael Beck, I was much more taken with the white teeth and shiny hair of Olivia Newton John. Maybe it was his odd job as a painter of larger versions of albums covers that turned me off, or maybe his fondness of roller skating while not wearing pants that was just too much for my young mind to comprehend.

Whatever the reason was for my slighting of the man and his all powerful jaw of sexiness, I'm making up for it now with a major, Warriors induced crush. He's actually the first in a series of Warrior hunks, so stay tuned?
br/>It's excusable that Beck's Coney Island gang isn't all that tough looking, they more than make up for it with style. Beck turns as Swan, the new leader of the group, is in turns sullen, serious, jerky, stoic, and for a moment, kind — I'm talking about the scene in the subway where he stops his street smart gf from fixing her hair under the scrutiny of a group of straight laced high class squares. Honestly, it's a touching scene, and one (tears!) where Beck really resembles the late Heath Ledger.

Even today, the man looks pretty great. Nice job keeping up the merchandise, Michael!

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Posted on March 10, 2008

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