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I think most of us grew up on Americanized versions of ethnic cuisines. Not to say that what many of us think of as “Mexican” is necessarily a bad thing (I still sneak away to Taco Bell now and then) but it takes restaurants like Mesa Coyoacan to open ones eyes to a whole other side of authentic flavors. Chef/owner Ivan Garcia grew up in Mexico City and says he’s brought the recipes of his grandparents with him.

I started my first visit with beef and avocado tacos and sampled Jim’s smoked pork chop tacos. Both were truly excellent and worth ordering again, though with a menu that offers so many intriguing options, I’ll probably prefer to try them all first. They offered a refreshing Jamaica agua fresca, which I was just introduced to last week but the special jalapeno infused margarita was screaming out for me (the baby in my belly won out though and I stuck to the juice).

It was too dim to take any decent photos, which is a shame because they would have made your mouth water. It’s worth noting that this will cost you more than your average Mexican joint (though with good reason) and the exterior is a little off putting but don’t be discouraged.

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Posted on July 25, 2010

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