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Embroidery Artist

I really love Megan Whitmarsh‘s bright, quirky embroidery art but now, after taking a class in embroidery (at the Make workshop – more on that next week), I have even more respect for her craft because –?et me tell you – embroidery takes a whole lot of time and patience.

Her creations are spastic?and bright – a mixture of pop culture iconography like Big Foot and Elvis, plus those traditional Mexican embroideries that remind me of worry people. I’ve imagined that her crafty wares are tiny and intimate from the hours I’ve spent poring over them on her awesomely designed website, but I’d love to see them in person, though she mostly shows in LA at the esteemed New Image Art.

She also works in paint and (lately) felt that she forms into three dimensional plushy piles that resemble a mountain made of the things found under a teenage girl’s bed in 1988. Her work is super fun, she had this to say in a Fecal Face interview: “I am inspired by a desire to be optimistic about the future of humanity.”

She’s at the forefront of the very feminine, very playful craft movement that has inspired legions of girls (and probably some boys too) to pick up a sewing needle and get to work.

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Posted on February 2, 2009

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