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fair in germanyIf there's one thing in the meat department Germans are known for, its sausage (aka wurst).?While there are lots of good places to find a good wurst around town or even around the country, there is only one place to have a nice Weiss wurst (a white sausage).?And that place is Munich.?

To top that off, the best place to get any cooked meat product in Munich is the Weisses Br?uhaus M?nchen.?Home of Schneider Weiss beer among other things, its also the home of some pretty tasty meats.?Be sure to check out the fine dolled up Munich beer maidens while their and sample their brand of dunkel (a dark German beer) that they make there that I've never had anywhere else.

Another specialty is the braten! the bierrebraten is a roast of pork shoulder, soaked for perhaps days in beer and then cooked and served with bread dumplings.?Its pretty amazing, and only 8 euros for literally pounds of food.?However, while in Munich one must do as the Bavarians do and enjoy a nice plate of white sausages (a regional speciality).?Usually served with some sauerkraut that even has more meat in it, its the perfect German summer time, winter time or anytime treat.

Sadly, we don't have an actual photo of the sausages so I threw in an awesome photo from the fair.

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Posted on June 22, 2009

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