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max von sydowMax von Sydow's amazing career has spanned sixty years and he has graced the screen in some of the most memorable films of all time. He and his mentor Ingmar Bergman redefined cinema with Wild Strawberries, The Virgin Spring, and the iconic masterpiece The Seventh Seal. But he hasn't kept his foot squarely in the art house.

You'll recognize him as the tired but determined priest in The Exorcist, whose long sweaty dig in the desert initially evokes fear in restless pre teens who worry during sleep overs that maybe they rented the wrong movie and their friends will be bored to tears with “the scariest movie ever”.

He also had a role as an assassin in the late Sydney Pollack's thriller Three Days of the Condor, David Lynch's Dune, Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters and Flash Gordon – a role he defended taking by saying “In Ingmar's movies, I never get to say 'prepare her for my pleasure'.” More recently he starred in an underrated and surprisingly ok new-ish Argento movie, Sleepless, and hopefully got paid a fortune for Rush Hour 3.

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Posted on June 9, 2008

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