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matt dillonI remember Matt Dillon being soooo cute in so many movies. Over the Edge (crop muscle tee, feathered locks, stolen cigarettes, dirty jean jackets and an up-yours attitude ); Rumble Fish (updating jean jacket for leather, street fighting with a bandanna tied around his forehead); The Outsiders (as the leader of the pack, Dally, all dying in a hail of bullets in a white tee shirt).

I had to wait until I was a little bit older for his equally heart-flipping turn as Bob in Gus Van Sant's Drugstore Cowboy and his stoner grunge rocker in Singles.

I had a few Teen Beats I must have stolen from friends and I remember his moppy hair and deep brown eyes staring up at me. It was around the same time my sister and I were in love with River Phoenix and Corey Feldman. Those were good times.

In a way, times have gotten even better for Dillon, being an Oscar nominated actor now, but I still prefer his youthful wild days before plastic surgery and Crash.

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Posted on February 4, 2008

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