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matamoros puebla groceryWith harsh florescent lighting, a small kitchen counter stuck between windex and refrigerators of 40s hidden in the back of a bodega, Matamoros Puebla Grocery has the kind of ambience you'd expect someone to buy cleaning products after an unplanned muder, not to see too many happy faces eating anything resembling edible food. But they defy your expectations all around.

The staff and customers are cheerful and content. Why? Because the real Mexican tacos they serve are surprisingly fresh and quite delicious. So pull up a formica table and accept that everything will look its worse under the lights. Heck, even close your eyes if you have to, but you must try this hidden Williamsburg gem at least once.

It should be even more appreciated after the sudden closing of the taco stand behind Monsignor's. One more word of warning: bring some medicine for your tummy if it tends to be tender like mine.

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Posted on December 18, 2006

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