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Martin directed by George A. Romero (1978) There is no denying that back in the day George A. Romero had a certain flair for making awesome horror movies. Made between Night and Dawn, this is an eerie, strange, and off kilter film about a young man who may or may not be a vampire and is sent to a desolate Pennsylvania town to live with Cousin Tada Cuda (a fatter and surlier Colonel Sanders). Whether the family curse of Nosferatu is true or not, Martin is killing women and drinking their blood in some of the best and most intense attack scenes ever put to film.

The movie is low budget, which only adds to the horror by making everything feel dirtier and more tangible. The editing and pacing is in bizarre Romero style–who else can tie together a scene of a chicken being killed at a butcher shop, and a small town parade and make it play more frightening than all of Cabin Fever? This is one of my top ten favorite movies ever.


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Posted on February 6, 2006

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