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martha's dandee cremeYou know those places, the seasonal retro ice cream stands that give short pants, pony tailed teenage girls their pocket money for the summer, scattered throughout this great country on the side of the road. If you're like me you also have a favorite one, one you visit as a tradition every summer. Our is in Lake George, and as I write this I am preparing for our annual visit to Martha's Dandee Creme and Motel.

We have been making this vintage homage to soft serve and marshmallow toppings our last stop before heading back into the city for several years now. True, it has been bought more recently by the Six Flags conglomerate across the street, but it retains most of it's charm and quality. Plus it's still got it's huge rooster sign out front, in the great tradition of large, eye catching roadside sign-age.

We tend to share mint chocolate chip sundaes or thick milk shakes and are often entertained my little kids eating cones larger than their heads.

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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