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Queen of Taste

Just look at Martha hawling that greenery back to her homestead with sheer rosy cheek willpower and been to jail business magnate grit. Say what you will about the woman, but I love her. I think she got too much for her crime for being a successful (and some say unlikably ballsy) lady. I’ve heard first hand accounts that make her sound both unintentionally hideous and surprisingly witty, funny, and actually human.

I was never the hugest fan of her show, and found the MST3K type interpretation of it, Whatever Martha, to be disappointingly annoying as it could have been ingenous in the hands of better and funnier people. I have been an on and off again subscriber to her magazines though and there is really no denying her impact on the art of asthetics in the past few decades.

I think she ushered in the whole craft movement, even if it was sometimes in reaction to her. In general the idea of persuing good taste and making our surrounding pleasing has now become at least seemingly at everyone’s fingertips with her holiday decorating ideas and recipes.

She’s also tons of fun to read on her own blog, which she really actually seems to write herself.

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Posted on December 22, 2008

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