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marrakeshNorthern Africa, you are welcome here.?Time and time again we were greeted with locals more than eager to show us Marrakech. After traveling through the Sahara near the Algerian border, my wife and I returned to Marrakech.?We were certainly ready for the infamous and ever so detailed and delightful L Mansion.

We were primed for the first class services and privacy it had to offer and we found it.?Our stay could not have been better.?The food was so fresh and delicious and the service so genuine.?We had the palace to ourselves.?The private hamam was a favorite of mine.?The pink plastered walls in contrast to the pale blue skies eased the eyes into relaxation mode.?The mountain views and property walks were how mornings were shared.

After a few days of pampering at the hotel we were again eager to hit the town and do some shopping.?We had a perfect referral from the owner for a guide us through the labyrinths of the Kasbah.?I feel the best money spent, having a private tour guide in Marrakech. You provide yourself the adventures, while focusing on the best places to eat and shop. The best private guide in Marrakech is Anas (“Anas Kezzar ).

Fluent in French, English and Arabic we were able to experience the city with no worries or hassles while attaining so much knowledge of the city.?We gained so much time by being so efficient.? We shopped for antiques.?Carpets, textiles and jewelry were our primary focus, with so many lovely spices we made a few additional stops.?We found just what we wanted and more.

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Posted on May 11, 2009

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