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marmiteMarmite, also known as Vegemite down under, is an acquired taste that I didn't possess as a kid when my family visited Australia, where the yeast molasses-y condiment sits atop every restaurant table. I was weary then when my brother-in-law pulled a jar out recently; but tastes change and besides, he swore to know the perfect way to eat the delicacy.

What you do is take a nice, yummy crusty bread, spread a bit of butter on it followed by just a dollop of the brown stuff (a little bit will do you, it's quite strong tasting). He was right, it's a heavenly unique taste experience.

Marmite can be found at my favorite place in the world, Marlow and Daughters, and pick up some equally superb tarragon mustard while you're at it!

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Posted on May 4, 2009

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