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155 Prince Street

Hooray for neon gradient calgel manicure from Marie Nails!

Just the break I needed from weeks of difficult sleep with the little one.

It’s a luxury but a much more affordable one than other spots in the city.

The trade off is a no frills, no AC environment but that didn’t bother me at all.

The nail technicians are very talented and polite while the possibilities endless.

Few tips though:

First, book early especially for a weekend appointment. (I booked myself for next month at the end of my visit.) They fill up quick and have people coming one after the other.

Which leads to tip number two. Research and ask for exactly what you want when booking. Some nail art takes much longer than others and they won’t be able to accommodate for trickier stuff with the tight schedule.

Third, cash only.

Fourth, some elements to a manicure like cuticle care may be additional small costs… just chill! It still ends up being a relative bargain.

I plan on getting a reverse French manicure next and can’t wait. I really love this place.

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Posted on September 22, 2011

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