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Godfather of Modern Cooking

Marco Pierre White was once the bad boy of cooking. The first to make being a chef a dangerous and sexy thing with a passion for cuisine, those incredible deep set eyes, a personal chauffeur, a tumultuous string of relationships that include supermodels, and three Michelin stars (at 33 he was then the youngest recipient of such an honor).

Now a restaurateur retired from working in the actual kitchen he is also a realty TV show-er, following in the footsteps of Gordon Ramsay. He took over for Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen and starred in the American rip off, The Chopping Block (which no one, myself included actually saw). In all, probably not someone I’d get along with but oh, those incredible deep set eyes.

His restaurants, which boast menus that are making be drool as I read them (soft roes on toast, croustade of quails egg, chicken and leek pie, salad of smoked eel & potatoes, Cambridge burnt cream…) are all in the UK but I’ll be thrilled if he brings his take on classic British food to New York one day.

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Posted on December 16, 2010

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