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Marc Singer What makes him so awesome is that on screen he comes across as a short tempered asshole who's super charming. Who else does that? (Maybe Paul Rudd sometimes, but it's not the same thing–Singer is an action man, Rudd is cerebral).

I don't know how Singer makes it work, but just look at him. I can't think of anybody else that can pull that off. Foot cocked, laser gun at the ready, this is the kind of guy who is constantly maneuvering sideways down corridors, back to the wall, ready for the inevitable wandering guard detail. It's like he's casually telling you to hang back, to stay here while he just pops his head around the corner. But something inside you knows that in about ten seconds he's going to be running back toward you with 10 angry aliens in tow.

Brittany and I watch V once a year or so and we've become very familiar with Singer's astonishing portrayal of ace videographer turned freedom fighter Mike Donovan. He's always pretty stressed out and yelling at somebody, but he's just got this super cool swagger that makes you want to follow him anywhere, even if you know you'll end up as Visitor chow. If you haven't caught the Original Miniseries or the Final Battle on DVD, you owe it to yourself to spend a couple nights on the couch marveling at this rather poignant, rather dated (style-wise) parable of Fascist regimes.

In real life he seems like a super nice guy, anybody who can talk to a Boglin for this long has to have considerable patience. And watch how he makes sure to include the accent mark when signing this 8×10 glossy. What a sweetheart! He also does some slightly trippy graphic work which you can purchase on his site.

In an alternate dimension, where Singer beat out Mark Hamill for the role of Luke Skywalker, everyone is a little bit happier.

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Posted on December 3, 2007

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