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Written with great wit and merriment, this frivolous yet at times quite informative site is a great web destination for those who love accessories. The blogger, the Manolo, writes in the most hilarious and charming cadence and accent. “Manolo says, beautiful silvery-sparkly shoes from the Stuart Weitzman, the perfect ornament for your holiday feets!” “Manolo says, the Magnificent Hasselhoff is given the award for the “Big Comeback”? But he never went away!” I particularly love the Gallery of Horrors (but should I be ashamed to love the ridiculous Betsy Johnson face heels featured there?) The Manolo also has a food blog, a blog for men, a blog for brides, a Prada blog, a basement bargain shoe blog, a media blog, a tie blog, a shoppe, and a newsletter. I thinks the Manolo is making the Brix feels lazy.

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Posted on January 1, 2007

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