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A Crowded Celebration of Flavors

The organizers of the Malaysian Night Market in Chelsea grossly underestimated the crowds that would flock to sample the varied flavors of region. Of course, by cramming in many vendors, live entertainment and Jeremy Piven (who I sadly, did not see) into a tiny triangle block, without any streets getting blocked off, it would seem that they expected a crowd of about ten. It was jam packed, shoulder to shoulder making the pungent laksa (spicy noodle soup with fried little fish) from Fatty Crab one of the least wise picks for eating ease, but it was the winner taste wise of the night. They never shy away from flavor at Fatty Crab and this dish was exquisitely bold. The other tasty treat was a chicken sandwich (sorry, not sure which booth it came from). I was less impressed with other bites (fish balls, fried rice, and filled crepe) but Jim was happy with the milder flavors.

The crowded event has the dubious distinction of possibly being my last major outing – the tradition of offering a seat to a very pregnant woman doesn’t apply to the rough streets of the Meatpacking District – in fact, several ladies held empty spots with purses… but I knew the day would come when my stamina for long outings would end temporarily, and at least it included tiny fried fishes, really spicy chiles, and a glimpse of a dapper Lewis Dodley (who Mike recognized first from his baritone, silky voice).

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Posted on September 18, 2010

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