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Dine In Take a couple minutes to make a reservation for Dine In Brooklyn week.

Unlike the less than impressive Restaurant Week in Manhattan, which features drab pre fixe menus and slightly higher prices, it looks like most of these places are making an effort to use the week as an opportunity to introduce outsiders to their neighborhood and food.

Of course, we shall see when Jim and I dine at iCi (pictured) which will make its way to the Picks if it's worthy. And even if the menu choices end up not featuring the best the restaurants have to offer, it will only set you back $21.12 and you will get to see a new part of Brooklyn in the process.

Have fun and don't reserve a place down the street, venture out a bit. Brooklyn is huge and varied and this is a great excuse to see more of it.

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Posted on March 19, 2007

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