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magnolia cupcakesAs has been duly noted, Magnolia began a cupcake craze in Manhattan, a craze that spun into a silly war with cake and frosting on the front lines. Magnolia was the first of the many cupcake shops to start the trend and grew in popularity but later received a lot of backlash due to it's cameo appearance in Sex and the City.

If you didn't have to stand in line before that fateful episode, you certainly did after. It gained even more attention, this time with dudes, when Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg included the store in their Lazy Sunday Afternoon which aired on Saturday Night Live.

The cupcakes are moist enough with a generous dollop of pastel sugary frosting and a few little sprinkles for pizzazz. While I can find no faults with the spin offs, the original is still as good as it ever was. They have also come out with a recipe book if you care to try your hand at these NYC classics at home.

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Posted on July 9, 2007

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