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macaroni grillIf we're at a shopping center and there's no Red Lobster, you'll be sure to find me in the Macaroni Grill. It used to be a friend from high school's favorite restaurant, but her family would eat bowls of popcorn for dinner and ice cream piled on waffles for breakfast. Yes, it was awesome spending the night at her house.

The Macaroni Grill, which is surprisingly less common than one would think in the carbon copy streets of commercial zones (the one we went to was even on “Commercial Drive”), is actually as good as I remembered – which is pretty darn good. Provided you order the right thing – and the right thing is the Chicken Scallopini.

The Mama's Trio, which Jim got was borderline insane, with “Primo Chicken Parmesan, Layers & Layers of Lasagna and Chicken Cannelloni”. They are all either stuffed, topped or made of cheese. It turned into four separate meals after taking a majority of it home.

The interior too was exactly the same faux brick and American style Tuscany as the one in Colorado?and the one in Texas! They even managed to find the same disinterested teens to serve us. And don't forget to touch up on your Italiano in the john where Italian lessons play over the loud speaker. You can learn how to say “I love my meal”.

Mike always gets gift certificates from Macaroni Grill for every holiday and I plan on taking full advantage of his family's hospitaliano!

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Posted on March 31, 2008

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