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292 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY

Cold days and lazy bones make for delivery Chinese cravings. Unfortunately most of the time, when you’re ordering Chinese, you’re in for a digestive trip with the usual greasy stuff that’s given the cuisine a bad name in the states for decades.

So, I was happy to find an option that still keeps the essence of what we’ve all come to know and guiltily love but is much better.

All the years I’ve lived here I’ve never tried M Shanghai Bistro and Garden, but after reading many yelp reviews, we gave it a shot. We figured it couldn’t be much worse than any other.

We were pleasantly surprised with chewy thick lo mein, a “tic tac toe” chicken that, while looking like nothing to speak of, was actually richly, flavored with an excellent garlicky sauce, and plump juicy steamed dumplings, that, while not as good as Joe’s Shanghai soup dumplings, were notable.

The only wrong note was the scallion pancakes (ironically, the best part of the “other” Chinese place’s menu). They were dry and way too crispy for my taste.

I wouldn’t necessarily end up here for a nice night out, but for those rare occasions when nothing but aluminum plated Americanized noodles and stir fries will do, there’s no better place to call in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area.

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Posted on February 9, 2011

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