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lure fish barLure Fish Bar is a cozy, underground spot of plaids, wood, and leather. Its nautical theme and expensive menu draws suited business people who stray downtown (of which there are many more as “downtown” becomes less “downtown”) and rich women worn out from shopping.

It is not particularly a place I could see myself fitting into comfortably or affording to go to on a regular basis, if it weren't for one special secret…

Until 7pm, they serve a Happy Hour Menu which features one dollar oysters! Due to this exceptional deal, Lure is indeed a spot I think we'll be frequenting.

The oysters are great; plump and briny with both cocktail and vinegar accompaniments. Other happy hour specials, such as the lobster croutons and the deviled eggs are a significantly less impressive deal money wise (the tiny four one inch squares of bread with lobster were 7 dollars), and would have been crazy if the waitress had kept them at full price (a trick she tried twice). But, I have to admit, they were delicious, so if you feel like a ridiculous splurge, have at it.

Also at blissful half price were the cocktails, and a six dollar dark and stormy made magic with our two dozen oysters.

The deal ends early in the day and is only offered in the bar area on weekdays. Perfect then for those days you might get out early and have some time to spare indulging in one of my most favorite foods.

Lure was destroyed by fire in 2006 along with the Prada store above it, but they have rebuilt quickly and it looks stunning in a rich manly kind of way.

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Posted on November 26, 2007

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