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It Girl of London Fashion

I love love love London fashion week. It’s always crazier and brighter and quirkier than anywhere else and there’s always stuff I covet like a little Gollum. Already, the first day, the tweed, neon, printed, ladylike collection by Luella Bartley has really lifted my spirits and I want every single piece.

Even the setting, Hyde Park’s Crystal Palace is perfect because nothing makes a neon orange veil pop like a vista of green leaves. Of her daring and amazing color choices she said ” I wanted color, but in a sort of sick way. When I saw it all lined up, I thought, Ew! Can we do this?”

Luella is at British It girl. Her husband is fashion photographer David Sims, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are her buddies, and she once edited British Vogue (which by the by has a fantastic Karen Elson fiery gold cover this month) with pale blond hair and those adorable whisper eyebrows and freckles that go with it.

She’s a bit less known here in the states despite a cute Target collection from a couple years back, but this collection is so stunning that I feel like her fan club can only grow and grow.

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Posted on September 22, 2008

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