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love letter nick cave and the bad seedsWell, Nick Cave was as phenomenal as could be expected last Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. He was all high kicking, ear shattering rock and roll and bright light swagger. But it was the brief moment of quiet when he sat down at his piano that made me most excited; his rendition of Love Letter, a song I already adored, made me even crazier about it. In fact, the urge to listen to it struck me at about 5am and I listened to it over and over for the next couple hours.

Sure, I came out the other side feeling a bit like I too had just gotten over a horrible heroin addiction and was contemplating the loves that I had lost along the way–but in a good way.

Originally appearing on No More Shall We Part, it was also released as an Australian single import.

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Posted on October 13, 2008

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