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lou dillionAs you might be able to tell from a perusal of my style icons, I have a hard time identifying with the fashionable of my generation?but there's just something special about Lou Doillon. It could be those quirky good looks she inherited from her gangly beauty of a mother, it could be those top hats and suspenders with high waist that have earned her a job as fashion designer (an honor bestowed on all sorts of vaguely famous youth – but this time perhaps to justifiable ends?), or it could be that one of her few titles in a meager career as an “actress” includes a Chloe Sevigny remake of Brian De Palma's brilliant split screen thriller Sisters.

But no, no obviously no! That last one is no way to make friends with me and certainly no way to get on my style list, so there must be something else to make me so utterly enchanted with the titless it girl of the moment.

And that something is this spectacular shoot in the spectacular French Playboy. I've mentioned it here before, and still the rabbit ears and short alls rouse me with their flat out coolness. Ahh, j'tiame Lou sans v?tements! (Pardon my French).

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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