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If Italian manly testosterone could be harnessed into energy, Lorimer Meat Market could not only be the greenest restaurant in Williamsburg, but probably light the entire neighborhood. Both staff and patrons bellow with wise cracks and ayes! and it is very little surprise that they really, really know how to make a big beautiful meatball sandwich. It’s curious how some small spots make the radar of “must eats”, and if it were any way up to me I’d add this one to this list.

The photo almost does it justice. The meatballs are soft, clearly made with quality meat and huge surrounded by just enough sauce to partially soak the bread, but not overwhelm. The cheese is gooey and there’s enough that it’s presence is noticeable and key to the deliciousness.

The corner shop which has been in the neighborhood for many years (though this was my first visit) and has a huge menu of sandwiches if meatballs aren’t your thing as well as meats, salads, pastas, and more.

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Posted on August 8, 2010

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