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loon by loonNot too long ago the most extraordinary thing happened. I was out at a noisy bar for a friend's birthday party, she'd been assured (several times) by the staff that the live music portion of the evening's entertainment would be done by the time that her many of her guests arrived. It wasn't (that's not the extraordinary part), in fact a very loud evening of heavy metal was just beginning and any chance of normal conversation was obliterated. Yes, I'm a very old lady in this respect, normally such a turn of events would just make me super cranky and only strengthen my typical hermit-like resolve to avoid public social life on weekends – but then something strange happened?br/>
Jim and I found ourselves actually enjoying – nay, actually loving – the music of Loon and The Pilgrim and the later realization that a member of Loon was a friend of ours made it even better. While I'm not a huge fan of the direction heavy metal vocals have taken recently (for my money, Rob Halford's falsetto shrieks will always trump some dude in a mask and shorts growling about his pain), Loon, which boasts two – count them, Two! – awesome female performers, takes a lot more cues from Black Sabbath than Slipknot.

It's sad then that I make this recommendation of their all too brief three song demo as the band's future looks uncertain; Paul (said friend) informed me that one member has already left town, temporarily putting Loon on hiatus. But you can enjoy the sludgy dramatics on MySpace for now – and Paul is also a member of the higher profile Providence super group, Megasus.

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Posted on March 9, 2009

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