Spend a Couple Hours »Little Rock-its By Frolic!

at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

When Frolic! Opens in the spring it should be pretty awesome: a little kid fun zone with play rooms and interesting classes.

To say hello to the neighborhood and celebrate the holidays, they hosted a rocking concert at the Williamsburg Music Hall last night.

There was a free Santa photo corner, music that was refreshingly not obnoxious for kids (the class will be called little rock-its), a fake snow storm, a friendly environment and beer for the parents!

After my first exclusion for having kids (boo hiss Gutter – a bowling ally, in the afternoon no less) it was great to be in such a welcoming place for little ones.

Van was head banging to I Love Rock and Roll and learning a few new moves from his pal Lauryn.

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Posted on December 5, 2011

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