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directed by Morris Engel (1953)

Little Fugitive, to be honest, was forced on me by an old friend years ago, and I never fully thanked him. It’s a classic, simple film that effectively shows a day in the life of a little boy.

Forced into exile when he’s convinced by his older brother’s friends that he’s killed him (a plot point that’s not as grim as you might think), adorable Joey runs away to Coney Island until his brother finds him.

Despite being a non-actor, Richie Andrusco is fascinating to watch as he gathers bottle, eats watermelon, and makes friends. It’s just as fun to see the old fashions, signs and scenery of Coney Island circa 1953.

Available on netflix instant, this is a great find for lovers of old New York and anyone in the mood to feel like a child again.

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Posted on August 18, 2011

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