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linnea quigley's horror workoutClearly a girl with a sense of humor, Linnea Quigley forged a lengthy career with D grade horror schlock, starring in almost a hundred movies including (the only one I've seen) Silent Night, Deadly Night, Nightmare Sisters, Creepozoids, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Assault of the Party Nerds, Virgin High and more.

Straight out of the tongue in cheek, Elvira inspired age of monsters mixing with humor, the scream queen, sports confusing spiky pony tails, artfully ripped tees tied at the belly, and studded bras and panties. The attempts at laughs are cheesy and I can't imagine anyone benefiting from the languid, off rhythm exercise routines. But personal health was probably not the main objective of this project, as you can clearly see from this clip in which she writhes around on a brown carpet in front of a fireplace, bending in butt raising positions, doing stomach crunches as if she were in the throws of passion and worships her crotch by air petting it.

In another scene she has a bizarre sleep over with grown women that devolves into a long impromptu exercise party headed by a seemingly stoned or very sleepy Linnea. It's got enough crotch and butt shots to send a pre pubescent lover of Fangoria into a state of ecstatic shock and an (almost) synchronized pelvic thrusting bit that could simply destroy that same kid. and not to be crass, but it also features the biggest camel toe I have ever laid eyes on.

The entire video with a probably fairly unbearable sixty minute running time is hard to find, but thanks to fans who've posted bits on youtube you can get a taste of the bad taste, if you like what you see and you probably will if you're a horror movie nerd in the mood for a little masturbation, The Manchester Morgue has a link to download the entire video. It might really be worth checking out as the Bloody Good Horror blog describes the opening credits: “They're all super imposed over her boobs as she soaps them up in the shower”

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Posted on October 27, 2008

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